Big Red Bucket Campaign 2017

Dear Maple Creek Families,

The Season of Giving is upon us. It has become a Maple Creek tradition to give to others less fortunate than ourselves. One way we do this is through our BIG RED BUCKET donation campaign in which food donations are made by you, our Maple Creek Family. We then put together as many “red buckets” as we can with the donations to give to needy families at Maple Creek, within our school district, and within the community. Families will receive the donations in time for Thanksgiving.

Each child in each class will be assigned an item(s) to donate. Our goal is for each Red Bucket to have a complete holiday meal and, hopefully, a few extra food items. Your requested food item is listed below. We are also asking each family to make a voluntary donation of one dollar ($1.00) in addition to the food item(s). The money raised will go toward purchasing grocery store gift cards so the families can purchase a turkey or other perishable foods. Please remember that this is a voluntary donation. Your child will not be adversely affected of you do not donate. Kindly direct any questions to Donna Sloan at (559) 917-3377 or

All items are due by Thursday, November 9 at 3:00 pm to your child’s classroom.

All food items should be nonperishable. Only boxed, dry bagged, or canned goods.

The donation requested from each child in the class is:

Cline – frosting
Hunt/Papi – cake mix
Phillips – muffin mix
Kuipers – mashed potatoes
Noel – mac and cheese
Stindt – pasta
Zevenbergen – stuffing
Linn – instant oatmeal
Parmer – pancake mix
Crossland – pancake syrup
Hawkins – pasta
James – tuna fish
Otta/Hutcheson – soup
Sharp – pasta sauce
Houtsinger – rice
Miniajluk – beans
Zante – gravy packets
Armstrong – canned veggies
Frediani – canned fruit
Marinovich – yams/sweet potatoes
Anderson – beans
Smith – rice
Castello/Sparks – roasting pans

Volunteer Up!

If we can get every Maple Creek parent to volunteer just 3 hours per semester, we can do amazing things for our kids and our school. Will you please take the 3 Hour a semester Involvement Pledge?

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Crossing Guards Needed

We are in dire need for crossing guard help in the afternoons. If you can spare 20 minutes any day of the week, please reach out to us to help keep our kids safe!

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