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Room Parent Resources

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be further involved in your child’s school year. Sign up today to become a head room parent or a co-room parent. Room Parents are a vital part of ensuring that the teacher has the assistance needed to do extra activities like classroom parties. Teachers really appreciate the help and your child will love seeing you involved in their classroom.

Room Parent(s) are responsible for coordinating two classroom parties, organizing a class basket for the Husky Harvest Festival/Carnival, asking other parents to volunteer for various activities and celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week.

Room Parents are also encouraged to attend the monthly Parent Teacher Club meetings at Maple Creek. The PTC meets once per month and your involvement helps ensure that you are aware of activities going on around campus.

Volunteer Up!

If we can get every Maple Creek parent to volunteer just 3 hours per semester, we can do amazing things for our kids and our school. Will you please take the 3 Hour a semester Involvement Pledge?

Complete the Volunteer Form today!

Crossing Guards Needed

We are in dire need for crossing guard help in the afternoons. If you can spare 20 minutes any day of the week, please reach out to us to help keep our kids safe!

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